A Scared Shelter Pup That Wouldn’t Let Go Of A Workers Leg Finally Gets Adopted

It can be a terrifying experience for abandoned pets to transition from a loving home to a crowded shelter.

Consider the terror and confusion that grips a once-loved pet as they negotiate a maze of unexpected noises, the absence of their favorite person, and the overwhelming uncertainty of their surroundings.
In the midst of the pandemonium, shelter workers and volunteers are the only ones who can offer comfort to all of the fearful dogs.

And, other dogs, such as Andy Cohen, a Pittie mix, require all of the comfort that the shelter can offer.

Meet Andy Cohen

dog at new home

Andy Cohen, an American radio and television talk show host and producer, isn’t the only living person with that name.

Andy Cohen, a Pittie mix, was brought to the Tift County Animal Shelter in Tifton, Georgia, when his owner could no longer keep him.

Andy Cohen, along with three other canines, was surrendered to the shelter in early November 2023.

According to Leah Robinson, the Tift County Animal Shelter rescue coordinator, the owner indicated that he was returning to his truck driving profession and would no longer be able to retain his dogs.

“They were heartbroken when they arrived, all huddled together and scared. Andy Cohen was shy, crying and feeling abandoned,” she also said.

To urge more people to adopt and foster shelter pets, particularly during the holidays, the shelter chose to share a video of lovely Andy Cohen, who sought solace from the staff.

Clearly afraid and depressed, this beautiful puppy clung to the employee’s leg and refused to let go. He simply needed someone to be there for him and offer him some affection.

The video that went viral shows a gorgeous hairy boy with a sorrowful face being massaged by a worker while hugging her leg.

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A Thanksgiving Joy
Because of his persistent dread and stress at the shelter, the management decided to send him to another shelter in New York City, Waldo’s Rescue Pen, which is their sister shelter.

“We wanted him to have a fresh start with a family that loves him,” Robinson stated.

Fortunately, everything turned out just as planned.

scared dog being adopted laying at new home

When Waldo’s Rescue Pen posted the video of Andy Cohen, many people were devastated by his awful fate.

Fortunately, it didn’t take long for him to find the ideal home, which occurred just before Thanksgiving.

We all know what Andy Cohen, sometimes known as Buddy, was thankful for this Thanksgiving.

“He is now named Buddy and living his best life with his family in NY. We are so happy for Buddy and his family! Thank you for choosing Waldo’s Rescue,” they said in the video announcing the happy news.

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It seems like Buddy has already gotten used to his new home and is so much happier. And, he also has a furry friend! How wonderful!

To the amazing family that adopted him – thank you! Please, never let him go.

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