Cop finds 10 week old pupy in the box on the side of the road

A small puppy that had been abandoned by the side of the road in a cardboard box was encountered by Earl Hanners, a deputy police officer, on a hot and bright day in Atlanta, Georgia.

Although Earl was unaware of it at the time, this was the beginning of a very sweet relationship.Earl first encountered the dog while investigating a nearby automobile crash. He received another radio call when he arrived at the area.
An lovely tiny puppy had been located, according to the caller. It was entirely on its own and only ten weeks old.

The Deputy explained to The Dodo that “she was in a cardboard box and it was closed in.” “A passerby noticed the box and stopped when they realized it contained a puppy. He then grabbed some water for it, opened the box, set it to the side, and dialed 911.

Earl was still dealing with the awful automobile accident at the moment, so one of his coworkers went to meet the dog in his place.
Of course, it was obvious that the little dog needed both medical attention and human affection. Earl’s colleague swiftly made a contact to animal control to assist the puppy, but Earl was still thinking about it.

“I told the guy … to cancel animal control,” Earl said to The Dodo. “I’m going to take the puppy and get her to a vet and check her out.”

Earl wanted to make sure the puppy was okay because he clearly felt a strong connection with her.
Naturally, the dog wasn’t in the best of health and was severely dehydrated. It didn’t help that the local temperature had recently been quite high.

In order to ensure that Bridget received the care she deserved, Earl named her after her and brought her home.
“We got her on the back porch, and I called my vet’s office and told them what I had,” the man said. “I gave her food and water and then just let her sit back, unwind, and recover from the heat. She drank water and consumed three or four bowls of food.

Earl had intended to care for Bridget until she was prepared to be adopted by a new family, but he soon came to the conclusion that he wanted to give Bridget a home of her own.

The deputy frequently fosters puppies for the Hounds In Pounds group because he loves large animals. Earl introduced Bridget to his other pets after making sure she was in perfect health.

Hanners said, “We only last night introduced her to the other dogs in the house. “With just a day or two of observation, they are able to blend in with the group.”

The little dog adores Hanners and his family dearly, and they adore one other as well:

She simply adores cuddling, Hanners added. She cherishes my grandkids. She’s just a very, very nice and sweet dog.

What a fantastic rescue tale, and we’re so happy Bridget found the ideal forever home. She merits the entire world.

Watch the video below about Bridget’s rescue!

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