Sweet Rescue Dog Comes Up With An Adorable Trick To Get Noticed

Athena has a knack for attracting attention.
It’s tough not to stop and give the beautiful stray some love as she holds up her food bowl and makes puppy dog eyes at passers-by.

Construction workers in Southeast Texas found the 6-year-old German shepherd while walking to a labor site in September. They gave the parched puppy some water and alerted Be Intentional, a local rescue group.

An check at the vet revealed that Athena was in bad shape: “She had a harness that was entirely too tiny for her that was removed,” Be Intentional creator Christie Kasko told The Dodo. “She was infected with every parasite known to man. She also has one of the most severe cases of sarcoptic mange that the veterinarian has ever seen.”

Despite everything, Athena only wants to cuddle. “At the vet hospital, she’s an incredible doll,” says Kasko. “They’ve gone head over heels in love with her.” When Athena was being treated for various infections, she discovered that holding up her bowl whenever one of her carers walked by was the greatest way to gain extra affection and treats. After everything she’d been through, no one could ignore the lovely dog’s plea.

Kasko remarked, “She gets a lot of attention and a lot of food.” “However, she has discovered that holding her dish with her lovely little face attracts more cuddles.”

Be Intentional teamed up with Sauver Des Chiens German Shepherd Dog Rescue to find Athena a loving foster home where she could adjust to her new life. Athena is gradually learning to trust.

Karen Blanchard of Sauver Des Chiens told The Dodo, “She will be pampered to no end.” “She has to transport an orthopedic bed, an open cage, and a lot of bowls.”

Athena will soon be looking for her forever home. Kasko added, “She will continue to mend and transition to a life with love and a family.” “Her life will be transformed for the better for the rest of her life.”

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