Ohio Horse Rescue enables foals to experience freedom for the first time

A nurse mare foal is a foal born to a mare who will serve as a nurse for another “more valuable” foal. Why are nursing mares necessary? They are used so that the other mare, usually from Thoroughbred racing stock, can be immediately re-bred for another foal the following year.

What happened to the nurse mare’s foal? Her foal is typically murdered and considered a byproduct of an industry.

The Last Chance Corral is a non-profit horse rescue in Athens, Ohio. They rescue between 150 and 200 of these “nurse mare foals” per year! There is nothing wrong with these foals. They can grow to be 4-H horses, trail companions, and even show champions.


The video below shows 19 of the 80 foals they took in during 2010. This is the first time these foals have been out in the “big paddock,” living a life many  believed they did not deserve.

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