16-year-old horse brought forth and maybe to some of you it`s not a big deal, but believe us this story is extremely uncommon. Tiki, an American Paint horse of 16 years, became pregnant with twins. The ultrasound clearly showed that she will have twins, which surprised everyone.

When her labours has started she gave a birth of a 86-pound stallion foal- Woodcock Pocket- and 10 minutes after the second baby came out- a 59 pounds filly- Charming Opal. Though the filly was smaller, she turned out to be more stronger then the stallion. Usually mothers leave one of their baby foals but Tiki took care for both of them and that`s what makes her an exceptional mom!

While complications can often arise with multiples of large creatures such as this, her two foals were born as happy and healthy as can be. I am so happy that Tiki managed to have a successful pregnancy despite all the problems that were expected in a situation like this. Please have a look at the video below and let us know what you think about this amazing moment.

Watch the video below:

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