Heartwarming-Before And After Adoption: Tik Tok Challenge Has People Sharing Incredible Dog Transformation Pics

New challenges are now emerging on TikTok and there is hope that it can be done as this platform is online.It begins when an user named Alexa posted a video, saying “Show a photo what your dog looked like in their shelter and what looks like right now.” She even went so far as introduced first her pet.

They responded immediately to Alexa call. Anyone who got a dog from the shelter started sharing photos of their pets. I believe the Internet is being created for such things because people enjoying each other post and simply having a good time.

So glad Dobby came into my life!! Big thank you to @canerossorescueofficial for rescuing him

So Glad Dobby Came Into My Life!! Big Thank You To

Such a heartwarming difference. Koda Bear is BEAMING with happiness. Love.

Koda Bear Is A Very Happy Pup Now

Those sad eyes shoot straight through the heart. I’m so glad that someone saved him/her.

From Kill Shelter To Furever Home

Really incredible. I am choking up just seeing the difference love makes!!!A good Buba

A Good Bubba

That almost doesn’t even look like the same dog. Pandora Became Penny!

Pandora Became Penny!

Rescue Dog

Rescue Dog

look at that smile. he’s handsome and he knows it.

From Fresno Bully Rescue To Now Almost 5 Years Later!

Incredible transformation, beautiful

Shelter vs. Now

One Heck Of A Glow-Up If You Ask Me

One Heck Of A Glow-Up If You Ask Me

Those eyes are mesmerising

The Glow Up Is Real

Such a good boi, shelter vs home

Shelter vs. Now

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