Terrified Rescue Dog Turns Into A Cuddle Bug After Meeting His Foster Mom

Terrified Rescue Dog Turns Into A Cuddle Bug After Meeting His Foster Mom

Terri Fox resides in Woodland Hills, a Los Angeles area, and is a foster mother and animal lover. She’s also the founder and president of Foxy and the Hounds,, a non-profit canine rescue organization dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating wounded, neglected, and abusive dogs, as well as those facing euthanasia in shelters.

Terri agreed right away when a rescue called and asked if she could aid a fearful dog. Arnold, a rescue dog, was enraged at everyone since he had never been touched by a compassionate hand. Terri simply assumed he was frightened and gave him some time to relax. She spent four hours of her day with him in the bathroom, talking and hanging out with him. She simply wanted him to have faith in her and know that nothing bad would happen to him.

In Foxy and the Hounds, dogs are normally adopted after a week, but Arnold had not been. He had most likely been abused, therefore he needed extra time to feel safe and secure before moving to a new home. Terri’s presence was a threat to him, he still believed. As a result, she did her best to assure him that nothing bad would happen if she touched him.

Terri opened her hand slightly and reached to stroke his chest area one day, and he began to relax. She didn’t give up even if he didn’t trust her right away. She understands that gaining his trust takes time. Terri’s efforts were eventually rewarded. When she came over and gave him belly rubs, Arnold began wagging his tail and rolling over. He even went up to her and demanded her attention. After all, they become good friends.

Now he is just at ease and understands what love is. He is a joyful dog who is social. He simply enjoys being noticed, loved, and touched. Arnold has gone a long way, but now he is ready to fall in love. Terri, we hope, will find him the perfect forever family that will love and care for him.

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