These two pups hug tightly to each other on the city streets after a incident!

A couple of lost canines in Vietnam were purportedly protected by a priest of Bao Hao Son temple in Khanh Hoa area. Even after they were protected, they essentially would not quit embracing each other to have a sense of security and secure within the temple.

Cute two little dogs look stray, befuddled, miserable and vulnerable.

The 2 puppies embrace firmly to one another on the town roads.

The bigger puppy can be seen embracing his more modest companion with his paws, and the two of them look so apprehensive and it seems like they have experienced some alarming incident.

Some online media clients have seen that the doggies are sitting or remaining in an unusual stance and think that the canines were harmed or fairly debilitated.

A few people said that little dogs really think in light of the fact that a priest educated them.

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