Stray puppy finally relaxes when woman reaches to pet her

“This is the first time I’ve ever had a stray dog warm up to me like this. She was simply waiting for someone to take a risk on her.”
When humans try to touch stray dogs, they usually get sad and fearful, and it takes a long time to gain their trust.

It’s always said that cats choose their owners, but today’s story shows that dogs choose the owners also .

On a Friday night, while taking out the trash, a lady named Jillian discovered an animal hiding behind a bush; the animal was a sweet dog that was bewildered and afraid.

She wanted to run towards the animal, but she didn’t want to startle the poor dog, so she began to approach him cautiously. However, the moment the dog saw someone approaching him, he began running.

Jillian wanted to show the dog that she wasn’t going to hurt him, so she started talking to him, and to her surprise, the dog stopped and stared at her before running away.

The woman saw the dog again the next day, but it appears that this time the animal was aware that she was there to help him.

Jillian devised a plan to meet up with the dog, which worked out brilliantly because it involved food.

Jillian told The Dodo, “When I spun to go back inside, I noticed she was following me at a distance.”

“That was after I worked out how to persuade her to trust me. Before walking a safe distance away, I collected a bowl of water and a few petfood and placed them in the corner of my yard.”

The dog finished all of the food and began following Jillian at a safe distance.

The compassionate woman didn’t sure if the dog would be there the next day, but in the event that he did, her husband and she or he knew what to do so that they might all become friends.

She explained, “We purchased some more petfood and set a path for her to follow back to our yard, where I fed her again.” “This time, I sat right on the edge of the table. I anticipated her to flee after she ate, but she stayed by my side and even began sniffing me!”

Jillian said, “When I got up, she followed me all the way into my backyard and sat next to me.” “This is the first time I’ve ever had a stray dog warm up to me like this. She was only hoping for someone to give her a chance.”

The final encounter convinced Jillian that she wanted the dog to become a member of her family; they named her Luna, and she is now an indispensable member of the family.

She explained, “We agreed to stay with her since we are softies who can’t say no.” “I’ve always adored pit bull mixes, so I was instantly smitten by Luna.”

Luna appears to enjoy her new family and is interested in learning how to be more social with people.
“Luna appears to be quite intelligent,” Jillian said.

“She learned her name in at some point and is already responding to some basic commands, albeit it had been clear that no-one had taught them to her before.”

Luna is the best thing that has ever happened to the current family, and they are now certain that they want the puppy to remain a part of their lives for the rest of their lives.

“She’s still a little timid, especially of big noises like doors closing,” Jillian added, “but she’s the sweetest.” “She enjoys frolicking with us in the backyard and snuggling up to us and kissing us when we sit down.”

We hope the story of sweet Luna will inspire more people to adopt pets and provides them forever homes.

Source : The Dodo

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