Homeless Dog Drags Dying Woman From Car Wreckage 100ft And Saves Her Life

When the homeless dog came across the wreck, he realized he had to intervene.

Shannon Lorio sheds tears every time she recalls the tragic day she was nearly killed in a car accident.

Shannon was driving along Georgia’s winding rural roads on that fateful day when she lost control of her vehicle due to a sudden curve.

Her vehicle collided, and her body plunged 100 feet away from the main road into the adjacent wilderness.

Shannon sustained serious head injuries and lost her ability to move as a result of the collision. When a homeless German Shepherd walking nearby saw her plight, he came racing to assist her.

He tugged at her dead body, sensing that the wounded woman’s time was running out.

Shannon drifted in and out of consciousness for the next few minutes as she felt her body being pulled out of the wilderness by the brave German Shepherd.

When a motorist discovered the disoriented woman lying on the side of the lane, she realized the dog was by her side!

Shannon made it out alive thanks to prompt ER treatment. She started searching for the dog that had single-handedly rescued her from certain death as soon as she regained consciousness.

Shannon eventually found the dog after searching for him for days and happily named him “Hero”!

Shannon brought Hero to the Humane Society, where Heidy Drawdy, a dog trainer, fell in love with him.

Heidy took him in and is now teaching him to be a search and rescue dog, which he already knows how to do! Hero, you’ve done a fantastic job!

Watch how Hero played a role in Shannon’s heartbreaking survival story in the video below!

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