Little Dog Is So Happy That People Remembered His Birthday

Odin is a little dog with tiny paws, tiny ears, and a tiny tail that wags when he’s happy. But, on Odin’s big day recently, one thing about him was anything but little.

His grin.

Odin lives with Joyce Cetina and her family in Mexico. Odin has showered the family with love and affection every day since they adopted him three years ago.

Joyce told The Dodo, “He’s a very loyal companion.” “He enjoys hugging and playing.”

As Odin’s birthday approached earlier this month, the Cetina family planned to go all out to celebrate. To show how much they value Odin, they threw him a surprise party.

Odin was taken aback — and moved — to learn that they remembered his birthday:

The Cetinas had put up decorations and ordered a dog-friendly cake.

Then they told Odin about the surprise.

“At first, he seemed perplexed. “He had no idea what was going on,” Joyce said. “Then he noticed that everyone was looking at him and that the cake was for him. He was overjoyed.”

Of course, no birthday is full without a happy birthday song, and Odin’s was no exception.

Here’s Odin taking it all in (including his special cake) on video:

Odin was then given a number of gifts, which he thoroughly enjoyed. “Above everything, he liked the many kisses and hugs he received,” Joyce said.

Odin and other small dogs deserve nothing less.

Odin’s big day (or rather, the anniversary of the day they adopted him) was officially Odin’s big day, but his family feels like they’ve received the best present of all.

“Of course, Odin is adored and spoiled all year,” Joyce said. “However, this is a significant day for us because it is the day he entered our lives. He brings us much joy.”

Source thedodo

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