After her owner abandoned her, she spent 9 years alone in a junkyard

Hope For Paws was given a name by Persephone Harrington, who had discovered a senior homeless dog seeking shelter under a delivery container in a junkyard. When rescuers arrived, they discovered her deception underneath the bottle, in the dirt, among garbage.

Rescuers learned the dog’s owner had been deported 9 years ago and had actually been left behind after speaking with locals. She’d been fending for herself on the streets for quite some time, unsure of where her owner was. She had also been hit by a truck at one point and received no medical attention, which resulted in her dropping her eye.

People in the area have been feeding her, however she wants so much more. This stray dog, now known as Josephnine aka Pheenie, is in desperate need of a loving home, particularly now that she’s in her golden years. Rescuers put a light snare around Pheenie’s neck and waited for her reaction.

Pheenie was really sweet and friendly, and she emerged from underneath the delivery container.
They concluded she was historically significant after getting a closer look at her and discovering that all of her enamel was rotten and missing.

They whisked her away to CARES, where she would eventually receive appropriate health treatment and a much-needed bath. Her vets diagnosed her with discosondylitis (spinal cord infection), severe dental disease, and a urinary tract infection. She also had a lot of mammary tumors, which isn’t uncommon in un-spayed children. Pheenie sat on the sofa with heat blankets after her bath. She quickly dozed off for the rest of what had been her first peaceful nap in 9 years.

Pheenie was sent to L.A. Animal Rescue to foster for the rest of her life. She spent several days taking walks, participating in outdoor activities, playing in the snow, and experiencing true love for the first time in a long time. Pheenie finally learned what a dog’s life would be like.

Pheenie passed away peacefully five months after her rescue, though mendacity with ease by using the fireplace. Pheenie was able to enjoy her final months of life instead of spending them alone under a delivery container in a junkyard, thanks to the lady who called for help, HFP rescuers, the high-qualityvet workers, and L.A. Animal Rescue.

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