Homeless man dies of sadness after his puppy is stolen

Guizmo was his only companion.

Dogs are wonderful creatures who do nothing but radiate their Light to all of the fortunate humans who have the pleasure of owning them. Then, as they leave, it will become murky.

Mohamed’s tale, also known as Momo’s, is about a love that lasts beyond death. It used to be about a street dweller who lived in France’s Ampère de Lyon metro station. When he realized that his dear and loyal friend, Guizmo, was no longer alive, he panicked and sorrow overtook him. Mohamed died as a result of a severe ache.

The cat, however, reappeared the next day after his death at the station. He used to be alive.
As a result, there is now a commemorative plaque at the same station that reminds him, and the dog visits it every day unless he forgets. And that’s it; it’s been proven that nothing in the world or no one is more loyal than a dog. They just know how to have love and companionship.

It had been ten years since they had exchanged happiness.

They followed everybody on the streets of Lyon for a decade. Unfortunately, the pup disappeared without a trace one fateful and unlucky day, leaving Mohamed utterly distraught, having been rolled to his death on the train tracks. So far, no one knows for certain how the events transpired. The cute canines were unharmed, and he now pays his respects to his former guardian at his memorial. “It used to be impossible for them to be apart. His dog was everything to him: his father, his best friend, his son,” Hachaane, a close friend of Momo, told the press.

Unfortunately, their beautiful and long relationship came to an end when the animal went missing, most likely as a result of theft. The guy had been devastated in the past. Guizmo was his only friend, and after losing his heart, he couldn’t bear the pain of the loss and abandoned himself until his heart stopped beating. “Mohamed used to be abandoned and lonely. “His devoted mate, his one and only employer in life, vanished in the blink of an eye,” Hachaane said.

Momo was once killed with the aid of the subway, and the disaster happened on February 23.

According to legend, the man was intoxicated at the time of the incident, disillusioned with the life he drew from his cat. On the other hand, another person claims that Mohamed was once desperate. He looked after his puppy, but it was all for naught. He stopped eating, stopped speaking, and drank excessively. He finally took a break.

Guizmo’s view of the situation was altered by Hachaane. Momo used to be one of his best friends. It was once the very least he could do to pay tribute to his memory. As a result, Hachaane resolved to put a commemorative plaque at the station where this noble homeless man lived, so that everyone will be aware of this true love story. Currently, Hachaane is raising funds to buy a marble slab in order to continue honoring Guizmo’s expensive historical companion in existence.

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