Roman McConn, who was 4 at the time, and his mother went to a safe house to get a dog, and that is when everything started. In any event, how was it possible for him to choose just the right pet for him when there were so many dogs desperately needing to be saved? Roman’s heart was crushed by the sight of so many dogs yearning for their permanent spots to settle down.

However, he was too young to be capable of creating something original, or at least that is what we believe. Regardless of his age, this kind young man was very focused on becoming the legend of these dogs. Despite how unbelievable it may sound, his mother, who always believed in supporting her child’s aspirations to the fullest, helped make his wish come true. Roman kept questioning his mother why all of those dogs were there and not with someone who might adore them as he stared at each one of them. His mother, Jen, attempted to answer his questions despite the fact that she was unfamiliar with many of the right answers.

On that particular day, the mother and child adopted a dog they named Luna, but Roman couldn’t help but think about the other critters. His candor was so complete that he told his mother he knew how to assist the remaining creatures of the refuge. She trembled so she could hear what he needed to say.

In addition, his response sounded both too simple and overly complicated. He advised locating the dogs’ homes. Everyone expected that, of course, but Roman was too young to even consider realizing that it was anything but straightforward to do. Jen made the decision to allow Roman to visit the sanctuary as frequently as was practical after realizing how much he needed to contribute so he could play with the dogs and feel useful. But at that point, as time passed, these two devised a plan to start a task that would garner more attention than they had ever anticipated.

Roman played with his new friends while also reading them books and telling them stories. Roman enjoyed spending time with the dogs as Jen recorded photos and videos of the event and later presented fascinating facts about each dog in the hopes that it would help potential adopters choose a dog based on what they were looking for in a new pet.

One of the adorable recordings highlights Roman and a canine named Sadie. The sweet boy could be heard saying, “She’s super shy and she hasn’t been trained to walk on a leash, so her new owner needs to be really patient.” Needless to say, people found these videos beyond adorable.However, back in 2016, they came across a problem.

Namely, Roman’s dad, who is part of the Navy, had to locate overseas, and Roman and his mom had to move to Washington D.C. Sadly, it meant they could no longer visit the Texas high-kill shelter and continue helping the dogs.

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