Gentle Giant Dog Takes Care Of Hundreds Of “Bottle Baby” Foster Kittens

Gentle Giant Dog Takes Care Of Hundreds Of “Bottle Baby” Foster Kittens

Maddie Fang has cared for over a hundred kittens. She blogs about her experience at @fangsfosters, where you can see adorable kitten pictures. She has a soft spot for bottle feeders, and she enjoys assisting them in their growth in preparation for adoption. It takes a lot of effort to care for tiny kittens, but Maddie manages with the aid of a friend.

Leo, her dog, is important in preserving, cleaning, and loving the kittens.

Leo is a natural lover.
Maddie gave us the lowdown on her adorable dog, Leo, who is also her co-caretaker. He is a rescue dog that they rescued when he was a puppy from Westside German Shepherd Rescue about 9 years ago. Leo was born to love and has always maintained a serene disposition. Maddie had faith in his gentle disposition, knowing that he would be perfect with foster kittens.

Maddie wanted Leo to be gentle with their first foster kitten, but she was happily surprised to discover that he was genuinely interested and a natural nurturer. It was love at first sight for Leo when he first saw a kitten! Over 100 kittens have now shared his space, family, and affection, and he seems to adore each one more than the last.

He understands his position as a protective big brother instinctively. He really loves cleaning up after the kittens and giving them wet kisses.
Fostering kittens has a lot of advantages.
About three years ago, Maddie began fostering for the Ventura County Animal Shelter. Her first foster kitten was a neutered kitten who wanted to gain weight before surgery.

Animals in shelters face a lot of uncertainty, which makes it difficult for them to remain safe. Getting into a foster home will make all the difference in helping them to relax, recover, and prepare for a permanent family.

Maddie enjoyed the experience so much that she decided to continue! The kittens continued to arrive in droves.

Maddie eventually fostered a pregnant cat, who gave birth to her litter under Maddie’s bed despite Maddie providing five different nesting boxes for the expecting mama cat. Maddie found it both educational and impactful to watch the mother cat care for the newborn kittens.

It gave her the courage to take on more difficult foster children. Three neonatal kittens with their umbilical cords still attached were taken in by her. Those newborns necessitated 24-hour treatment, with bottle feedings every two hours. Maddie was a little bleary-eyed after that, but she was addicted! She considers bottle feeders to be extremely caring and thankful, and she enjoys watching them blossom and develop.

Fostering is critical for shelter animals to remain safe, learn new skills and etiquette, socialize, and eventually be adopted. Thank you to @fangsfosters and all of the amazing fosters who open their homes and hearts to homeless animals.

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