After 9 years in a puppy mill, a three-legged dog finally gets his happily ever after

Trip was imprisoned in a puppy factory for nine years. The small Chihuahua had just three legs (due to an unexplained injury), rotting teeth, and very long nails, and had no idea what life was like outside of a cage.

Trip was eventually saved from his horrible life by National Mill Dog Rescue in September. They drove him to their shelter, and as soon as he stepped out of the vehicle, his tail began to wag and wouldn’t stop. He was eventually groomed and given medical attention, and he quickly became a volunteer favorite.

He was enthralled by all of the attention he was receiving and eager to go outside and explore. He didn’t let his age or the fact that he only had three legs slow him down.

He was featured in several videos and was taken to several events by National Mill Dog Rescue.

No one, however, took the initiative. Before it was eventually Trip the Intrepid’s turn a month later. Trip’s tail started wagging again when his new family came to pick him up just before Halloween, after seeing so many other dogs at the shelter get adopted.

He’s now “one of the three amigos” in his new home, and he’s “overjoyed.”
We’re overjoyed that Trip’s story has come to a happy conclusion. Visit National Puppy Mill Rescue’s website to learn more about how you can help and potentially foster a puppy.

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