She Snored Through Her First Safe Sleep Since Ex-Owner Tried To End Her Life 3 Times

She Snored Through Her First Safe Sleep

Molly has had a difficult existence. In addition to neglecting her, her owner made three separate attempts to kill her.

Thankfully, she made it through and was only left with a skin problem after escaping her hellish life. She started losing her hair if left untreated, but this was nothing that simple medication couldn’t remedy.

Her awful times are all behind her now. Molly slept well for the first time since being saved by Sidewalk Specials.

Finally, she can rest easy at night knowing that she won’t experience maltreatment ever again.

Molly seemed to be a completely different dog today. She had treatments for her skin issue, and her lovely white furs all began to grow back.

Since being adopted, she has had a smile on her face constantly.

When Molly’s mom first saw her, it was love at first sight. She knew she had to open up her home and heart to this sweet girl.

Molly now has a warm bed to sleep in and doggy siblings to play with.

Watch Molly’s incredible transformation in the video below:

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