Blind Rescue Dog Sees Her Family For The First Time After Getting Eye Surgery

Dogs are not only devoted companions, but they are also our best friends. If they get separated from you, they will try to find their way back to you. They will go to great lengths to protect their owners and shower them with affection on a daily basis.

Many people, thankfully, would happily do the same to them. Giving them the love and attention they deserve.

This story is perhaps the best example of selfless and unconditional love for an animal that we have.

Prepare your tissues because this story will cause you to cry.

While living their happily ever after in Canada, Holly and Bart Emmerson wanted to adopt a cat.

That’s when they learned about a rescued black cocker spaniel who was discovered wandering the streets of Los Angeles’ Olive Street.

Holly and Bart had a friend who knew about the puppy, and they had him fly the dog to Vancouver so Holly and Bart could adopt her. Olive was the dog’s last name.

Olive, unfortunately, had an eye condition that made her blind.

Olive had extreme cataracts in both eyes and couldn’t see anything, including her caring owners.

Olive continued to be a playful and affectionate puppy despite this.

Holly and Bart were considering how they could make Olive’s life a little easier, so they sought help from the veterinarian, who advised that cataracts could be removed through surgery.

Since the couple wanted Olive to be happy, they took the advice and drove her to the vet.

Olive’s owners experienced mixed feelings after learning of her surgery.

Holly and Bart got positive news from the vet, who said the operation had gone well.

They went to the clinic as soon as they heard the news to see their dog again. The nurses took Olive out as soon as they arrived at the vet, and the couple could not hold back their tears as they saw her happily approaching them.
Olive and her owners experienced a profoundly rewarding and tear-jerking moment.
Olive needed to see the beauty of the world for herself.

Olive was taken out by the owners to see a whole new world that she had never seen before in her life.

She was apprehensive about seeing things for the first time because everything was new to her. Olive would come to a halt in front of her as people or cars walked by.

When she saw something strange, she would sometimes hide behind Holly’s back. It was a lot to take in in one day, but Olive finally settled into her new surroundings.

She went blind again just a few weeks later, as luck would have it.

Olive’s vision was short-lived, as she developed glaucoma just a few weeks after the surgery. Olive’s owners had no choice but to have her eyes out because the operation was excruciatingly painful for her.

Olive, according to Bart, was unconcerned after the surgery.

Their adorable dog remained an adorable and playful pup. Olive’s journey may have been bumpy, but she eventually found happiness.

Olive accompanied the couple as they relocated from Canada to Spain.

Despite the fact that it was difficult to restore Olive’s vision, she will continue to live happily with her loving owners. Olive will be forever thankful to Holly and Bart for providing her with the life she so richly deserves.

Going above and beyond with your pets demonstrates that there is always love in the world. Good people still exist, and life is still beautiful; Olive, for example, doesn’t need to see it because she can sense it.

Below is a video that will make you cry.

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