They adopt a dog with terminal cancer and make his last months of life the happiest

Roosevelt was a bulldog with heartbreaking eyes and very lonely. His owner left him at the Chicago Animal Control Center and attached a note to justify his abandonment.

He has trouble urinating.

When Kelly Michael and Sarah Lauch met him, they were destroyed by this depressed and heartbroken dog. They wanted to rescue him from that sorrowful place and that cold cage as soon as possible. “I watched him relax peacefully in the cage while all the other dogs barked and jumped up to get my attention. He looked so sad and tearful,” Sarah wrote on Facebook.

His teeth were completely crushed, probably because he ate stones or tried to escape from the cage. We felt helpless and sad for him. We immediately tried to find a foster family for him so that we could take him out and Keep him healthy,” she added.

Fortunately, with the help of the “One Tail at a Time” organization, they were able to bring him home.

He didn’t know how comforting it is to be hugged.

Unfortunately, when Roo was examined by a veterinarian, he was diagnosed with advanced bone cancer and only a few months of life remained. Faced with this terrible situation, they decided to give him a royal family and make his last days the happiest. Roo will live with Kelly to the end of her life. Roo didn’t know he was sick, so he behaved like an ordinary dog.

They spoil him a lot. He is very happy!

They decided to make a final wish list for Roo. All of this was fully realized: he was swimming in the lake for the first time. He ate ice cream, received a therapeutic massage, and even went to Taco Bell for dinner.

The list is endless and Roo enjoys every treat as if it really were the last time.

Your time may be limited, but love is unlimited. For these supporting girls who adopted him, Roo has become a life lesson to cherish every second. This is why they let the hashtag #LiveLikeRoo (live like Roo) go viral, they created a page with their name, and the impact on the network is overwhelming. “People sent me direct messages and fans invited us to their house by the lake. Now all the owners are doing things with their dogs.”

Resting like a sweet baby.

Sarah said that while they try to be positive about Roo, they know that the end of the journey will not be easy.

In the heartbreaking prediction, they found the beautiful part. The best way to cope is to give him a lot of happiness in his last days.

This is what true happiness looks like.

Although we have known him for such a short time, the thought of having to put him down at some point made us cry.

Although Roo is only a few months old, we hope that #LiveLikeRoo can inspire everyone now and forever , read the Facebook page. You can see in this eulogy how Roo enjoys every second of his last days. Very Hard not to cry!

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