Couple On A Road Trip Finds Lonely Dog At Gas Station, Dog Begs Them To Help Her

Emily Trost and her boyfriend Nick Mazzone were on a ten-week cross-country car trip. However, a pit break at a Montana gas station transformed their lives. They were preparing to depart when they noticed a lonely, abandoned puppy asking for rescue by their car.

When Emily and Nick went to check on the stray dog, she returned their gaze with adoring eyes. When Emily observed the dog’s coat was filthy and coated in thorns and twigs, she jumped to help. A woman who fed the neighborhood’s stray dogs contacted the couple and asked them to save the sweet puppy.

Emily and Nick were so taken with the sweet puppy that they decided to let her accompany them for the rest of their journey. They gave her the name “Montana” and planned to contact a rescue organization once they got home. But the couple knew Montana was heading home with them within minutes of their journey with her!

Montana lavished her saviors with the nicest embraces and kisses during the journey. She joined them on their hikes and swims, and she was wise enough to recognize that wherever they pitched their tent was “home”!

Montana now lives in her new home with Emily, Nick, and her siblings, and she is already an inseparable part of their family. It appears that they discovered a treasure throughout their journey!

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