Pit Bull Shot Several Times Stays Positive After Leg Amputation

Instead of being enraged, he simply wanted to know why his human had left him behind.

Dogs are dedicated to their owners totally. Dogs remain at their owners’ sides even though their owners do not love them back. Dogs have no concept how to be furious or harbor a grudge against humans. Although it is a great characteristic, it frequently results in their doom.

Kevin, a Pit Bull nicknamed “unofficially,” is the epitome of a dog with unwavering loyalty. Before abandoning him, his human shot him numerous times. Kevin, rather from being enraged, only wanted to know why his human had abandoned him.

When People Attack Dogs

On the day Kevin was discovered, witnesses reported hearing six gunshots. Someone saw the Pit Bull following a person to a car, but the driver slammed the car door shut in Kevin’s face and drove away. Despite the fact that his owner had deceived him, the dog remained bewildered as to why the person had abandoned him.

Manassas Park Police arrived on the scene shortly after. Kevin was no longer present, but they followed a blood trail into the woods in search of him. He was shot in the right shoulder and right hind leg, among other places. He was taken to MedVet Northern Virginia by police so that his injuries may be treated as quickly as possible.

Police are still looking for the person who did this to an innocent puppy. They don’t know if the shooter is Kevin’s human, but based on how he responded to their leaving, they know Kevin knows the suspect.

Determinate Dog Lovers Have an Influence

Kevin needed surgery to remove a bullet from his jaw, as well as stitches to close the wounds where the rounds entered and exited his body. In addition, his back limb had to be amputated. The vet was able to receive such intensive medical care thanks to all of the great donations. When dog lovers heard about Kevin’s story, they jumped at the chance to help. Kevin is nonchalant about amputation, despite the fact that it is a painful procedure. He has remained a bright and hopeful dog despite everything that has occurred to him.

Kevin is currently resting comfortably while he recovers. He still has a long way to go in terms of recovery, but he looks to be optimistic that everything will work out. Officers are already figuring out where he would be best suited to live, so the future is bright. This affectionate Pit Bull will soon have a warm, comfortable home where he won’t have to worry about getting hurt.

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