Dog Hears His Siblings Screaming From A Drifting Canoe & Jumps Into The Water

Dog Hears His Siblings Screaming From A Drifting Canoe & Jumps Into The Water

Robbie the Black Labrador’s limbs are extremely muscular, owing to his extensive training and squirrel-hunting. He’s a great swimmer who also knows how to follow instructions. So when his two canine siblings became stranded on a swaying canoe, Robbie was the first to jump in to help!

Rusty the Redbone and Bullet the brindle Mountain Cur may be seen screaming for rescue from the canoe in the video below. Due to a tremendous gust of wind, the canoe has blown away. Dad becomes concerned and issues a rescue command to Robbie, who responds by splashing through the water to reach his siblings.

Robbie uses his strong muscles to swim to the canoe before it gets too far away. He uses his wits to rapidly seize the rope that holds the canoe together. He pulls the enormous weight of the boat as he painstakingly swims to the shore with the rope tightly clenched in his lips.

Rusty and Bullet are glad to be back on dry land, but Robbie is completely exhausted. Dad checks on the dogs, and then takes the canoe to secure it to a stable spot.

As this video went viral, people got curious about Robbie’s amazing skills. Dad later revealed that they had been training their dogs for such rescues for a long time. Robbie, being the oldest sibling, is perfect at the rescue game and is also quite protective of his siblings. He is truly a superhero dog!

Click the video below to watch Robbie’s unbelievable skills as he rescues his siblings from the river!

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