Grandpa Makes Custom Raincoat For Dog To Make Sure It Doesn’t Catch A Cold

Grandpa Makes Custom Raincoat For Dog To Make Sure It Doesn’t Catch A Cold

Those of us who own or have ever owned a pet understand how special they are. We’d go to any length for them. We actually handle them as though they were a human child. So, if you need to keep them safe from the elements, you’ll go to great lengths to make them feel at ease. Consider this person.

Unknown man’s picture was recently taken as he was sheltering his dog from the storm, and the sweet moment went viral.

The sky must have opened up and started to drench the pair as they were out for a bike ride. Thankfully, the man had an umbrella to shield him from the rain, but the dog was getting soaked! After pulling over, the man devised a plan to keep his beloved dog safe and dry. Put on your rain poncho!

There was a shop nearby, so the man pulled over and parked underneath the awning. He dashes indoors and buys a traditional rain poncho to wrap around his dog.

He made sure to hold his hound’s snout outside for fresh air while putting the plastic poncho on him. What about the rest of him? I’m fully encased in the poncho!

The dog doesn’t seem to mind at all in these pictures, which is the cutest part. He seems to comprehend that his owner is merely attempting to assist him and hold him dry. What a sweet moment that was captured on film.

This isn’t the first time anyone has been captured on video doing anything like this.
Another elderly man shielding his dog from the rain with a similar technique was caught on video in Davao City, Philippines! The dog was also given an adorable hat to wear this time. It’s difficult not to have your heartstrings pulled.

“I was fascinated and my mind was with the Dog.I felt sorry for the dog due to the rain and to my surprise the old man carried his dog and placed him on the carrier basket of his bike,” Alice Nacion Tumbali, who captured the video below, said.

Then I saw the old man bringing out a plastic bag and using it to cover his dog as a raincoat, which piqued my interest, and that’s when I began filming. It was incredible love and care.
According to onlookers, the old man seemed to be weak but had no qualms about sharing his belongings with his furry best friend.
It was yet another example of the extraordinary relationship that exists between humans and animals.

”I hope that this video will inspire all humans to love and care for their pets with sincerity,” Alice said.

In the video below, you can see the unique moment. Nothing compares to the bond that exists between a person and their pet. It’s incredibly heartwarming to see.

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