Dog Treads Water For 11 Hours To Help Rescue Owner After His Boat Sinks

Heidi is a German Shepherd who was in Australia with her owner after their boat capsized. It had to be a terrifying event for them both. Heidi did not abandon her owner after they capsized, despite the fact that she could swim.

According to a statement released by Queensland Authorities, a fisherman alerted police in Moreton Bay to a potentially dangerous situation. Upon further examination, they discovered a dog in the water, as well as other boat-related goods such as a wetsuit and tackle box.

After being pulled out of the water, Heidi was taken to a vet for medical evaluation, while Brisbane Water Police continued to look for her owner.

Heidi’s owner, a 63-year-old male, was found “clinging” to a boat in Moreton Bay mere hours later, according to the same police report. Her owner told authorities that they had run into difficulty the night before when the boat lost power and began to fill with water.

Heidi was given a clean bill of health by the veterinarian. The most incredible element is that Heidi managed to stay afloat for about 11 hours before being rescued. Heidi’s owner was taken to the hospital after being rescued from the water and thankfully did not sustain any significant injuries.

Heidi took advantage of the police department’s hospitality while the owner was recovering in the hospital. They fed her, lavished attention on her, and even appointed her as an honorary police dog.

According to People, Brisbane Water Police Senior Sergeant Jay Bairstow said, “We would like to take this opportunity to encourage boaties to plan for the worst when they’re out on the water.” Always wear a personal flotation device and make sure your safety gear is up to date and in good working order.”

“Thankfully, there was a happy conclusion to this hunt, and Heidi was able to be our honorary PD for the day,” Bairstow continued.

We’re so relieved that these two made it through their ordeal uninjured.

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