Dog Dumped In A Cemetery Was “Guarded By Angels” Till Her Heroes Came For Her

Dog Dumped In A Cemetery Was “Guarded By Angels” Till Her Heroes Came For Her

She was well aware that she was a “unwanted” and “unloved” dog who had been abandoned by her owners. She saw humans approaching after weeks of being alone in the secluded graveyard.
Angelica the dog was perplexed as to why her master drove her to an abandoned graveyard and abandoned her there to fend for herself. She wandered on her own for weeks, hoping to be discovered by a human. Gradually, she realized no one was once coming for her.

The pessimistic lady was haunted by the vacancy all around her, but thankfully one of the cemetery workers noticed her. Angelica was fed, and the worker waited a month to see whether her owner returned. After confirming that the puppy had been abandoned, he contacted Hope For Paws to assist in the rescue.

The rescuers can be seen pursuing Angelica into the cemetery in this footage. The bereft canine wished to ensure that the humans had no nefarious motives. She observed them from afar for a while before approaching them sooner or later. Following that, the rescuers had no trouble persuading Angelica to join them!

Angelika saw that her bleak days in the cemetery were gone forever, and she breathed a sigh of relief! When she thanked the rescuers for rescuing her, she smiled more cheerfully. She used to be taken to a medical institution and treated for a number of malpractice-related illnesses. “Rescue from Hart” employees took her in and placed her in foster care.

Angelica is such a bright and mischievous puppy that she can find a continuous home effortlessly. No matter how difficult her past is, her new father and mother are amazed at Angelica’s happy nature. They called her Pull String, and she kept dating her brother and her puppy siblings. Angelica’s beautiful smile made us have a good day!

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