Puppy Howls To Wake Siblings Up – Has Internet In Stitches When He Sounds Like Chewbacca

Some of us are simply superior to the rest of our family. This is true for both humans and animals. Take, for example, this adorable Husky puppy from Russia. This sad little doggie doesn’t appear to be sleepy while his siblings are deep asleep in fantasy land. Furthermore, the little puppy is unprepared for life in a litter. He’s on the lookout for something more. This young Husky appears to have a strong desire to be a Wookiee.

It looks that this little pup must grow up to be much like his idol Chewbacca, the most well-known Wookiee, which are intelligent bipeds from the Star Wars universe’s planet Kashyyyk. This tiny Husky has the Wookiee howl under control up to this point. When he lets out a shout, he sounds exactly like his idol Chewbacca. Now all he has to do is try to stay onto feet.

In the grand scheme of things, that could be true. According to Husky Problems, this Husky puppy could be bored. “When your Husky becomes bored, he or she may begin howling,” according to Husky Problems. “Similarly, when a Husky starts sobbing, it means he or she is missing out on attention and interaction with the owner.”

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