This Dalmatian Puppy Desperately Wants To Be Friends With Cat

Dogs are enormous animals with loud barks and terrifying jaws, but if they live with a cat who likes to rule the roost, they are frequently harassed cruelly. Cats steal their beds, ignore their excitement, and even refuse to befriend them.

Dogs with pleasant and fun-loving personalities don’t mix well with personal space-loving cats, thus cats don’t want to befriend them. That is why many people believe that dogs and cats are natural adversaries who cannot coexist.

Our canine pals, on the other hand, try to make cats like them no matter what they do. If you don’t believe us, watch the video below to discover how dogs can be highly persistent despite being repeatedly rejected.

Jack is a nanny cat who is kind with tiny puppies. She, on the other hand, desires to be alone all of the time. As a result, she refuses to play with Dottie the Dalmatian puppy, her flatmate. And, of course, the puppy is baffled as to why Jack refuses to play. Dottie persists in trying to make friends with Jack despite being constantly rejected.

Watch the video here!

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