Rescue Two Abandoned Dogs Crying For Help In A Sewer And Take Them Home

Rescue Two Abandoned Dogs Crying For Help In A Sewer And Take Them Home

We really have no idea how many helpless creatures are out there pleading for assistance. They desperately need someone to notice them and pull them out of the darkness of being homeless and alone, but small voices do not appear to be heard. They can’t seem to accomplish anything but struggle to get by day by day.

Fortunately, two abandoned puppies living in a sewer were saved by two children who heard their screams and called Hope For Paws. For them, a window into a new existence began to open.

The two children were still with the puppies when the rescue squad arrived. They descended into the sewer and discovered two filthy canines sitting together. No one knew who had the heart to abandon these magnificent canines here, or how long they had to suffer in such a deplorable state. They appeared timid, but they were in desperate need of assistance, so they let the rescuer approach them and accepted their treats.

They gradually and softly placed the leashes around the dogs’ necks and gave them names: Dixie for the female and Winn for the male (names from a children’s book). They then dragged the pups out of the sewer and began walking toward their vehicles. The dogs were ecstatic to find out they’d been saved and waggled their tails enthusiastically all the way.

It was nice to see the lovely canines receive careful care and a safe home to remain for the time being. Dixie and Winn were reunited with their forever family not long after their rescue by Wags And Walks! The two cute canines didn’t separate for a second as they transitioned from a filthy sewer to a clean and cozy home. They could now live a beautiful life with loving owners who would provide them with constant care and attention.

When the adorable dogs saw their rescuers again, they were overjoyed. They didn’t forget about the folks who helped them when they needed it.

Thank you very much to the great kids and the brave rescuers; you did an incredible job.

Watch the rescue video below:

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