Rescued Fox Was Lonely, Until She Met A Rescued Dog And They Became Best Friends

When this cute fox was purchased from a fur farmer, she was rescued and her life was saved when she was only a few weeks old. She’s a cheerful and kind young lady.

Jessika Coker, a Florida citizen who resides in the Panhandle area, has raised her since she was rescued. Juniper’s animal family also includes an Australian Shepherd mix named Moose, a fox named Fig, two Sugar Gliders named Petunia and Peach, and a variety of reptiles.


Juniper is likely to gravitate toward Fig, the other fox. However, one would be mistaken! Juniper has had a great attachment with Moose, the dog, since she was a young kitten. They are always in the same place. They spend the entire day and night eating, sleeping, and playing with one another.

“Juniper adores Moose and spends the entire day trying to garner as much of his attention as possible,” Jessika explained.

“Juniper was barely five weeks old when I took her home. Moose was up around a variety of animals, so when she raced up to him with her tail wagging and crying, they became instant friends.”

The fox, like her best buddy, had a difficult start. Fortunately, they were rescued and reunited.

“When we first brought Juniper home, he quickly assumed the position of guardian. Jessika added, “She’s adored him since the beginning.”

For poor Moose, there are still certain differences between dogs and foxes that cause him confusion.

“Foxes [laying down] on anything they covet or believe they own. Every day, Moose is sat on. “I’ll often walk into the room and witness Moose laying down with such a melancholy expression on his face, while Juniper sits atop this head smiling,” Jessika explained.

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