Homeless veteran reunites with his beloved support dog after he was missing for a week

“He’s my boy,” He’s all I’ve got. He sleeps in my bed. I couldn’t find him. He was abducted.”
Other people’s pets are the only thing that keeps them going in this world; there are countless homeless people who are willing to go to any length for their beloved dogs since they are the only ones they have to keep them company.

A homeless veteran went through the worst suffering after his dog went missing, but he was able to rejoin with his furry companion in a pleasant and reassuring reunion.

Michael Hatfield, a Vietnam veteran, lives on the streets of Kettleman City, California, where residents have seen him with Rerun, his trusty emotional support dog, at their usual area by a gas station on multiple occasions.

“Anyone that drives through Kettleman City has seen this man,” Kings County Sheriff’s Deputy John Daulton told KMPH. “He’s the guy with the sign who’s always out on the street, and Rerun is always immediately behind him.”

The father claimed that he is estranged from his family and that this small puppy is the only one who cares for him, but the old man was upset when Rerun went missing recently.

“He’s my kid,” . He is the only thing I have. He’s been sharing my bed with me. “Someone took him,” Hatfield continued, “and I had him.”

“I haven’t been able to sleep or eat in days, and I’m absolutely lost.” Nobody else’s life is the same as mine own.”

He requested aid from local police after he was unable to locate his pal. Deputy Dalton decided to help him and shared his story on social media, prompting residents to join the search for the missing dog.

The post went viral, but the puppy was still missing several days later. The mystery was solved on Sunday, and there was a happy ending.

According to the Kings County Sheriff’s Office, the dog was not stolen; rather, a family felt he had been abandoned and took him in.

He was safe, given a bath, and everything, but the family was delighted to return the dog to his beloved owner after reading the message.

Hatfield was happy to see his favorite puppy again, and when they reunited, he immediately snatched him up and held him.

Because this story made us so joyful, we wish them both a happy and healthy life.


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