Stolen Pit Bull Rescued From Cockfighting Ring Reunited With Her Owners One Year Later

Several rescue organizations raided cockfighting businesses in Marlboro County, South Carolina, saving 120 roosters.

They also discovered ten newborn puppies in a makeshift kennel alongside an underweight Pit Bull tied outside. During the operation, more than 25 persons were detained.

While watching the rescue on TV, Northam and April Morris were extremely taken aback when they recognized the Pit Bull. Nina, their Pit Bull, had been kidnapped from their yard in December, and Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, a nonprofit involved in the rescue, was the dog who was rescued from the operation.

Despite posting on Facebook, putting up posters, and seeking for more than a year, the couple had no news of Nina before seeing her on TV.

Amie, a volunteer with Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, gave Nina a hug, which was a terrific photo opportunity. As a result, they kidnapped Nina, who was reunited with her family after nearly two years.

Nina’s ten newborn puppies are, in fact, Nina’s puppies! As a result, they were all sent to Nina’s family to reside. Thankfully, the family is currently caring for the ten puppies until they are ready to be adopted. They’ve already found forever homes, which makes things even better.

Watch the video below.

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