The dog had asked nothing from the planet but to receive love and affection

Because every dog has a heart the size of the earth, when inconsiderate owners break their hearts, our souls are broken. Is it really that difficult to repay them for everything they do for us?

It’s one of those situations that makes us shudder, yet at the end of the day, we all know that these poor animals aren’t doomed.

Cookie is a 15-year-old English cocker spaniel dog who was adopted from the city shelter in San Bernardino, California. She didn’t arrive alone, though; she was accompanied by another one-year-old Labrador retriever, and they were mistaken for stray dogs at first.

The puppy had begged the earth for nothing more than love and affection.

Cookie appeared to have a family, but for some unexplained reason, the two puppies had been abandoned by their wretched owners.

They came to say hello after using their microchip to identify their family. They couldn’t think of anything else to say until, with a stone heart, they agreed to hire the farmer solely.

Cookie was in tears as the family left with their Labrador retriever, whimpering and unable to express the sorrow of being abandoned by folks who were supposed to love her.

“It was a devastating scene; I used to scream in grief because I didn’t comprehend what was going on,” said one of the shelter workers.

The terrible news of this dog’s death immediately circulated around the internet, and while euthanasia was a distinct possibility where she was, fortunately, compassionate hearts appeared to locate a family for her while they kept an eye on her health.

And that had been the most straightforward thing that could have happened to her. They gave her the most basic second opportunity in life, and she became happy and clean there.
He does, however, have a long battle ahead of him. Following a trip to the veterinarian and emergency surgery, it was determined that she had 12 malignant tumors. They were, however, ready to dismiss the majority of them.

Thanks to the good work of the veterinarians and therefore the love that surrounds her, she will now be seen relaxed and almost healed. Later, she is going to undergo a second surgery to get rid of the missing tumors.

“We made a mutual choice not to put her up for adoption,” they said on Facebook from OC Small Paws. “She will live with an area family for the rest of her life in the shelter’s care. She’ll be looked after by our veterinarian as well.”

In a few month, Cookie has gone from being an abandoned dog, desperate and sad, to being surrounded by a team that loves her.

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