Gypsy, a bulldog, is caught pretending to be a snowplow by her mother, who records her hilarious antics

Mom Catches Bulldog Named Gypsy Pretending To Be Snowplow, Records Her Laugh-Out-Loud Antics

Some folks enjoy playing in the snow. It is disliked by some. And, like us, some dogs have a particular fondness for or dislike for snow. This movie is all about snow and how to make the most of it.

Gypsy is clearly the type of dog who enjoys playing in the snow. It’s safe to say she has a passion for what she does. Bulldogs are known for being tough… and a little witty. Gypsy carries on the rich Bulldog tradition of cherished characteristics! Gypsy plays the role of snowplow in this popular video shot on a cold, snowy day in Boulder, Colorado.

Plowing snow must be difficult work because you can hear her groaning and breathing heavily while having the fun of her life. Her ability to move a large amount of snow is simply remarkable. She could probably clear the entire yard if she had enough time. Perhaps the entire neighborhood! She makes use of her huge, muscular, bully head to her advantage.

Gypsy’s owners had to laugh out loud at this video since it is so cute and entertaining. It’s difficult to put into words how amusing it is. So sit back and relax while you watch. Remember to like and share!

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