Policeman Saves Dog About to Die in Uncontrollable Fire

During a hazardous fire, a Mexican federal cop put his life on the line to protect and preserve the life of a mixed breed dog named Lulu.

The dog was almost killed in the raging fire, but thanks to the unknown hero officer, the dog is safe.

Residents in the vicinity worried for their lives as the fire broke out. The property was engulfed in flames, which threatened to set other surrounding homes on fire.

Lulu was trapped inside the compound, most likely as a security dog for the property. The building was enclosed by a metal privacy fence, and all exits were secured with metal chains.

Locals were afraid of leaping the fence and endangering their own lives. They were afraid not only of becoming trapped in the fire, but also of Lulu attacking or becoming hostile towards anyone attempting to help her.

Fortunately, federal authorities were nearby and leapt in to save the dog. The metal chains were severed, and a politician dashed into the facility to free Lulu. The dog tried to flee the flames by running to the farthest spot along the fence away from them. The cat was terrified, but instead of attacking the officer, she embraced the savior who pulled her to safety.

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