Stray dog’s heroic action saves dying woman from car crash

Doesn’t Hero seem like the right name for him?

All of those tales of people and animals stepping on each other remind us of how lovely life can be when we respect others who are different from us.

Shannon Lorio’s 36-year-old life could have ended that day if it hadn’t been for the dog who decided that wasn’t going to happen. This lady was traveling along a deserted road in Southern Georgia when she missed a bend and ended up in a ditch.

She was barely aware after the accident and had no one by her side. She appeared to have suffered serious injuries because she was unable to move.

But suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a massive dog approached this woman in desperate need of assistance and began battling for her life.

She soon passed out, but she claims she will always remember what she saw whenever she is able to open her eyes again. The dog was desperately licking her face, attempting to wake her up and get her out of the automobile. Shannon had become aware of what was really going on thanks to this brave four-legged hero.

Sadly, she was thanks to fragile already and fainted once more , but that didn’t stop the dog from saving her. He decided to seek out help and continue dragging her to the side of the road where someone would hopefully notice her.

“I had never seen him before. But he found me, and I’m grateful to God that he did,” Shannon adds. “I hauled myself up by wrapping my arms around his neck, and it was the first time I had stood up.”

The injured woman was ultimately discovered and transported to the hospital. She began to feel normal and had fully recovered from the horrific accident.

The hero dog was given the name Hero, which we believe is the finest match for him. Shannon couldn’t leave her hero on the road, so she arranged for him to stay with her family. She wasn’t able to take him in because she already had six dogs to look after. Hero was eventually placed in the Humane Society shelter, where he received a lot of love and a lot of attention.

Shortly after, Hero was adopted by a dog trainer who would make him an enquiry dog for rescue missions. and that we are sure this hero would be ready to help many people too.

Shannon is happy Hero found a pleasant home and says how he’d always have a special place in her heart.

You can hear Shannon’s story within the video below.

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