Gentle Bulldog Lets Tiny Chihuahua Tease Him Playfully

Gentle Bulldog Lets Tiny Chihuahua Tease Him Playfully

Friendship has no bounds, and the unique link that exists between animals never ceases to astonish us. Take, for example, the large American Bulldog and the little Chihuahua in this video; the Chihuahua’s complete faith in the Bulldog and the Bulldog’s patience when it comes to amusing his companion are both equally adorable and astonishing.

We all know that taunting a large dog is never a good idea, but this amusing Chihuahua thinks otherwise. The video begins with her joyfully snapping at his pal’s tail despite his sleepy face, and while the Chihuahua is incredibly energetic and wants to play with the Bulldog, all the big guy wants is a good nap on the floor. He appears irritated, but to everyone’s astonishment, he simply remains motionless and allows her to continue doing what she enjoys.

Despite his kind nature, our amusing Chihuahua clearly does not know when to stop. She advances, this time to the Bulldog’s head, which is much larger than her body. Like a true champion, the naughty girl climbs on his face. Look at that demeanor!

This time, the Bulldog decides he can’t allow her get away with her antics. He fights back weakly and cautiously, ensuring that he does not harm this tiny creature. It appears that the drowsiness is no longer an issue.

Despite being rejected, the Chihuahua refuses to give up without a fight. She keeps aiming at his tail, leg, head, and practically his entire body. The two continue to play their games with zeal, and who knows if they will ever become bored — but we do know who is the winner.

Let’s take a look at their adorable fight:

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