Heroic dog hurts his paw to save his owner’s life after accident

Dogs are wonderful companions in a variety of ways. They’re intelligent, loving pets that will go out of their way to assist their owners in times of need.

That’s what one inspirational story demonstrates, when one dog saved his owner’s life while injuring his own paw in the process, according to news16post.com.

The story was told online by Reddit user u/shotgun-octopus. He claims that he was working on his house recently with only his dog, Ham, as business.

He wrote, “Ham was watching me work because he loves me.”

The guy then fell off the ladder, splitting his head open, crushing his ribs, and fracturing his leg.

The situation was dire, and he would have died if it hadn’t been for his faithful dog.

With no one else around to assist, Ham started pulling him by his shirt. Ham howled as the man screamed for assistance.

Ham ripped his foot open while pulling his owner, but he persisted in his mission to get the man to safety.

Fortunately, Ham’s bravery paid off: they were able to attract the attention of neighbors, who dialed 911.

The owner was rushed to the hospital, where doctors were blunt: the crash nearly killed him.

“They said I wouldn’t have survived. u/shotgun-octopus said, “Ham saved my life.” “I was supposed to die, but he rescued me.”

His story went viral on Reddit, and he praised his dog as a hero, saying, “Thank you, Ham.” “You are my closest companion.”

What an amazing feat. It’s a good thing Ham was there to save his owner’s life! What a hero you are!

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