Calf Saved From Slaughterhouse And Family Dog Become Inseparable Friends

Calf Saved From Slaughterhouse And Family Dog Become Inseparable Friends During Pandemic

This family from Santa Clarita, California, faced some difficult issues once the epidemic began, much like many of us. Ellie Laks and Jay Weiner, on the other hand, believed that adding some spice to their stay-at-home lifestyle would help them cope better.

It was at this time that Ellie and Jay welcomed a week-old calf into their home. The mother of the little calf was sold to a slaughterhouse, but these kindhearted people didn’t want the poor child to suffer the same fate as his mother, so they spared him and raised him within their home.

The parents, who manage the rescue non-profit Gentle Barns, revealed, “He had acute pneumonia.” “His breathing was loud and harsh. He sneezed a lot and coughed a lot. He was sweating profusely and had a fever.”

John Lewis Thunderheart, as the gorgeous calf is named, needs medical attention due to his hazardous condition. Even so, his savior was unsure if he would make it! Thankfully, they were mistaken, as the hopeless calf met Sky, a very nice Australian Shepherd, who became his perfect companion. The kind dog not only comforted the orphaned calf, but also safeguarded and assisted him on his journey.

“I think having Sky’s help — cuddling with him while he slept, wiping his mouth, basically caring him — was one of the primary elements that saved Lewis’s life,” the woman added.

The calf and his best friend are now inseparable, and they can’t seem to get enough of each other. Having adopted and raised Lewis had made life a lot simpler for Ellie and Jay during the pandemic.

Ellie said, “They tussle all over the yard.” “Sky is a puppy with a mouth, and Lewis is a cow with a mouth, but they make it work and understand each other.”

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