Homeless Dog Who Lived Under RV Now Had All Dreams Come True

A report came in to Hope For Paws regarding two homeless dogs living under an RV. Because Eldad and Loreta Frankonyte were already in the neighborhood, they arrived 15 minutes after the call. The source first stated that there were two dogs, however as the team arrived at the spot, one of the dogs was taken and left.

The second small dog was terrified, and she huddled beneath the car, barking incessantly. Suddenly, the dog bolted across the road, narrowly avoiding being hit by a careless driver. Fortunately, she was not hurt. She ran around the area and crawled under the RV in an attempt to get away from the rescuers. The rescuers had a hard time catching the dog because they didn’t have enough plastic fence or cheeseburger to entice her in, so they had to enlist the support of their neighbors. Eldad tried to go close to the dog in the hopes that she would stop resisting.

They finally found her and named her Hayley. Because she had to fend for herself for days in the open air, the dog’s coat was dirty. They took her to the hospital for an examination. They shaved her fur and gave her a relaxing bath there for hours. Hayley was still a little shy and depressed. She had to spend many weeks in the hospital for medical care. Hayley became more social after surgery and was no longer as frightened, wagging her tail for the first time. Perhaps she realized that she could now fantasize about a happy life with a loving family and exciting travels, as she had always deserved.

Hayley was fortunate enough to find her forever home soon after her recuperation. All of her dreams came true. She had a completely different appearance now, and she was a joyful, energetic dog. Above all, she now had a permanent home and was adored by her new owners.

Watch the video below:

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