Dog Who Has Only Three Paws Overcomes Desperate Situation To Have Happy Life

When one of his front paws was injured by himself, a small dog in Gambia faced an impossible predicament. Because there was no pet clinic in their neighborhood, his family was at a loss for what to do.

The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust could be a group of animal lovers who hold pop-up clinics across the country to help animals in need. The pup’s relatives came to the set-up to ask for assistance, knowing that this was the pup’s last hope of receiving quality care.

There was a Vet Nurse named Emily waiting for them when they got the pop-up clinic. When she saw the puppy, she was completely taken aback. He was fighting a serious infection that had caused damage to his paw. He had become severely feeble as a result of his lack of medical treatment.

“He was such a frail soul that we considered putting him to sleep due to his slim chances of survival,” Emily, a vet nurse, says.

Because his family couldn’t afford to properly care for him, he was given to the Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust. As a result, the crew realized that they needed to do everything they could to help the puppy.

After returning to the most clinic, the staff began working to save the puppy’s life. Emily gave him the name Hiccup. She was confident in his ability to live. She looked after the frail puppy all day and all night, doing her best to help him keep his slim chance of measuring.

As time glided by , together with his resilience, Hiccup overcame his difficult stage. Finally, he was ready to become a spirited dog as his desire. He could join Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust community, and he found himself a member of a gaggle of other rescued dogs.

Hiccup doesn’t leave Emily’s side after they’ve helped a lot of patients at their clinics.

Simba and Orange are his two best friends now. Both of them had been rescued from life-threatening illnesses.

Even with only three paws, Hiccup manages to get around without too much difficulty. The good news is that Emily and the rest of the team hope to give him a prosthetic paw once he’s fully grown up. They require him in order for them to live a complete and happy life.

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