Missing Dog Rescued From 20-Foot Cliff Above Creek

Missing Dog Rescued From 20-Foot Cliff Above Creek
Image: @BoulderCountySherriffsOffice/Facebook

Mowgly, the yellow Labrador Retriever In Boulder County, Colorado, he went on an enjoyable camping trip with his parents’ friends. It had all been quite exciting for him, but he became a little too interested after a while. He went off on his own to explore, but he never returned to the campsite.
As soon as they realized Mowgly was missing, they started looking for him. Mowgly’s relatives and friends searched for him for three days without finding him. But eventually, someone noticed him. Mowgly had become stranded on a 20-foot cliff above a raging creek!

The cliff Mowgly was stranded on was surrounded by higher cliffs. So, there was nowhere for him to travel . Officials guess that he had been stuck there for the bulk of the time he was lost. He likely fell into the creek, then climbed up onto the cliff, which was the sole little bit of land near him. The poor pup waited there patiently, hoping someone would save him.

Lyons Fire Protection District, Boulder Emergency Squad, and thus the Boulder municipal department dispatched three swift water rescue crews to the scene. they needed to wait for the creek’s water to calm down. They then hiked across to Mowgly after crossing the lake.

After assessing the situation, the rescuers concluded that using a rope system would be the most efficient way to get him to safety. They discovered a rope that ran from the cliff to the ground on the other side of the creek. After that, they strapped Mowgly into a dog rescue harness and swam him across the lake.

Mowgly’s harness was fastened to the rope system by rescuers. They transported him across the creek with care. They escorted him up to the highest point on Capitol Hill, where his family was waiting for him, after he was safely landed. They were relieved to learn that their pet dog had survived the ordeal.

The rescue teams said that Mowgly was calm throughout the whole process. He must’ve known they were there to assist him, so he gladly cooperated with them. He’s such a brave dog!

In reality, Mowgly was unharmed when he left the scene. He was probably tired and hungry after being alone for so long, but he didn’t appear to have any wounds. Things could have been much worse for Mowgly if his family and friends hadn’t done such a thorough search for him, according to the rescuers. He’s fortunate to have a family who genuinely cares about him!

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