Man Rescues Unwanted Dogs From Kill List & Takes Road Trips To Find Them Homes

Thanks to this saint of a man who travels them thousands of miles, 50,000 unwanted puppies that were facing certain death are now prospering in their new homes.

Greg Mahle, an animal enthusiast from Ohio, despised seeing countless shelter animals put down after finding homes.

He gradually realized a pattern that no one else had seen: shelter dogs were plentiful in the Deep South, whereas many people up north were looking for dogs but couldn’t find one!

Greg set out on a mission to save as many of the undesirable death house dogs as he could!
Greg launched “Rescue Road Trip,” a service that transports dogs rescued from kill shelters throughout the country to their forever homes.

He rescues canines on the verge of death from many Southern kill shelters and takes them on compassionate road journeys in search of Northern families ready to adopt them.

That’s brilliant!

Source: Heartwarming Animals/Youtube

In this video, we see an enthusiastic Greg on one among his road trips with the rescued dogs in his huge trailer. The trip wears him down, but he keeps driving through Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

He offers the dogs regular snack and pee breaks, as well as ensuring that the kennels are cleaned at regular intervals.

We can see it’s an emotional occasion for everyone involved when we see the numerous anticipating families joyfully hugging their new canines.

Because of Greg, more than 50,000 dogs have escaped the kill list and are thriving in their new homes.

Source: Heartwarming Animals/Youtube

Rescue Road Trips travels around 28 times each year, covering an average distance of 4,200 miles every trip.

Despite his exhaustion, Greg believes that this endeavor is helping him grow as a person every day. What a treasure of a person! We wish him well and hope him safe travels!

Check out the video below to see how Greg’s heroic crusade protects pets and brings smiles to people all around the country!

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