Scared And Doubtful Abandoned Dog Finally Found Hope Again

It’s difficult to adjust to life after being abandoned. They used to have a house with enough food and care, and then they were suddenly abandoned on the streets to fend for themselves. It’s difficult to understand their loneliness and misery at that time.

However, like the personnel at the Dog Rescue Center in Mladenovac, Serbia, there are still many heroes without a cape risking everything to save these miserable animals wherever and whenever they can. This is one of their heartfelt rescues, and the dog in this story was not an easy one to save because he had lost all faith in humanity.

This abandoned dog was “wandering around and crossing the street side to side in his search for food,” according to what they heard, which was extremely dangerous because he could be hit by a car at any moment. Milan and his coworker easily located the dog on the stated route, but they had difficulty approaching him because he kept running away.

“Frightened and starved, he didn’t want to approach us,” Milan said.

They realized after a while of trying that they needed to do all it took to earn his trust. Milan attempted to entice him with food, but it did not appear to succeed. Despite accepting some food to satisfy his appetite, the black dog proceeded to run in the blink of an eye.

They had to employ their final “secret weapon” – a trap – at some point. And, luckily, their strategy began to bear fruit at long last. It was well worth their time and work.

After successfully catching the stubborn boy, they brought him to a vet clinic, where he was diagnosed with anaplasmosis.

But it was no huge thing because the dog already had a lot of people who were willing to care for him in a foster home.

Bak was the name given to the lucky boy later on. Bak had a lot of fun at his foster home with the other animals, and he might be able to trust humans again. Take a look at that grin!

Watch the whole story here:

Last but not least, this sweetheart was adopted only a few months later. Bak has finally found his forever home and is living the life of his dreams.

A YouTube user said, “I’m delighted to tell that I visited the shelter in Mladenovac two weeks ago and adopted this adorable little puppy in the video.” “He is now in a loving environment.”

“I appreciate Milan, the shelter’s director, for allowing me to visit his apartment and the shelter,” she concluded. “But most of all, I want to express my gratitude to him for rescuing and caring for lovely little Bak.

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