Starved Dog On His Own Island Saw Man On Kayak And Knew He Was His Only Hope

Starved Dog On His Own Island Saw Man On Kayak And Knew He Was His Only Hope

Domesticated dogs, like children, need on people to survive. Ilovemydogsomuch writes that they can only do so much on their own.

They will starve if supplies become scarce. Unfortunately, this is exactly what would have happened to this dog. But he was just in time to meet his hero!
Fernando, a good man, was kayaking when he came across a small island. He could hear wailing screams all around him. Then he noticed an emaciated and needy dog. He knew the dog wouldn’t make it if he didn’t act fast.

Fernando designed a strategy in the hopes that the dog would board his kayak. He met the dog properly as he dragged his kayak ashore. The puppy was overjoyed to see him. How long had this dog been left alone? He’s nothing but skin and bones! The dog’s expression is filled with excitement, as Fernando says in the video. Seeing someone and knowing he wasn’t alone was just what the dog had been hoping for!\

The pup had clearly belonged to people in the past. His tail was always wagging. Someone had purposefully abandoned him on this island, which is heartbreaking in and of itself. The rescuer now needs to get him into the kayak, but the dog is afraid of water. Imagine being all alone on a tiny island surrounded by water and being so afraid to go near it!

However, the dog musters the bravery to attempt. He places his paw on the kayak, but as soon as it moves, he becomes terrified. Fernando understands that he has no other option. He’ll have to grab the dog and force him to stay on the kayak to save his life.

Safely on board, it’s time to get the dog to safety! Fernando paddles over 2 and a half miles. They arrive on the mainland and they wait for the rescue group to arrive.

They’ll take him to the veterinarian and make sure his health is taken care of right away. He’s severely emaciated and suffers from advanced mange. While they wait, show this brave puppy some love. He receives a lot of hugs and pets.

Fernando departs after the dog is in good hands. He pledges to pay him a visit shortly, which he does! The dog, now named Jack, is at his foster home five days later. Fernando makes the small kid very pleased. Because of the nice man, Jack is alive today. His doggy jumps and tail wags say it all.

Jack will be available for adoption as soon as he has received medical clearance. A dog as cute and welcoming as this should find a new home quickly. Fernando saved Jack’s life and did everything he could to make sure he survived. The entire narrative is simply too good to pass up. Please watch the movie below!

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