Tiny 13-Year-Old Chihuahua Does Everything With His Favorite Little Boy

Tiny 13-Year-Old Chihuahua Does Everything With His Favorite Little Boy

Marcelo and Mini are here to meet you!
These two best friends are inseparable, but it wasn’t the relationship his parents had anticipated.

Marcelo was adopted just over two years ago, but he was scared of dogs when he arrived at his new home. In fact, he would scream at the sight of them and would avoid being near them at all costs.

“When he first came here, he was afraid of the dogs,” his mother Holly Brookhouser told CBS 5 News. “He cried really loud the first day, and I was like, oh man, they warned us it may happen.”

But when he saw Mini, all of his worries vanished.
Mini, you know, adores small children, which meant she was always drawn to Marcelo. Brookhouser even described the beautiful girl as “relentless in her adoration,” which eventually won Marcelo over.

When there are small children to play with, the senior dog may still get into high gear, and she was fine with the toddler. That’s when he began to get increasingly interested in the dog. While they didn’t fall in love at first sight, they did fall in love at first kiss.
They became fast friends after the 13-year-old chihuahua licked Marcelo for the first time.
Brookhouser told The Dodo, “It just won him over.”

Marcelo benefited greatly from Mini’s assistance in acclimating to his new home. She was his first friend, and she was more than willing to teach him the ropes and be a continuous presence in his life (whether he liked it or not!).
Brookhouser explained, “I think she’s like a comfort blanket to him.” “All he has to do is know she’s there, and she has to be there.”
And we really mean it when we say these two are now inseparable. Mini is obsessed with Marcelo and will even watch him in the bathtub.
Marcelo no longer enjoys being without Mini. He wants his bestie close by even while he’s playing with his most exciting toys.

Meanwhile, Marcelo’s mom has enjoyed watching their friendship blossom and is grateful to the senior pup for being a gentle and patient teacher as the boy overcomes his fear of dogs.

Mini will stay young and spry if she can keep up with a kid, she hopes.
The Arkansas family has two children, two dogs, and a large number of foster children, including two new kittens. While Marcelo and Mini are inseparable, the youngster has broadened his horizons by spending time with dog Jack as well.
He’s turned into a huge animal lover!

The Brookhousers have received comments from all across the world since The Dodo first aired a video of Marcelo and Mini earlier this year.

Holly Brookhouser said she hopes the film will inspire more people to adopt rescue dogs by demonstrating how affectionate they can be.

She told CBS 5 News, “My entire objective in posting these was to show folks that rescue dogs can be fairly great and to give them a chance.”

Their video was so popular that The Dodo developed a sequel, which has been viewed over 25 MILLION times in the last week on Facebook alone!

Make sure you follow the adventures of these two besties on Instagram at @marceloandmini.

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