During the performance, Baby Clydesdale notices his mother and completely steals the show.

It happened more than once that unwanted newborn animals interrupted situations and made everyone chuckle. Because they’re so innocent, pure, and naive, these lovely little critters have a very particular ability for stealing hearts all over the place. So, thank God, these kinds of moments are being documented so that we can use them as our daily dose of positive energy.

Such a lovely incident recently transpired at a rodeo performance, but it wasn’t the well-trained horses who stole the show (as they should have given their incredible performance), but a small colt who found himself surrounded by a cheering crowd. The romantic moment was captured on camera, and it has since become internet gold.

The short, now-viral video shows a group of stunning Clydesdale horses performing in front of a packed audience. But, just as the performance was about to crescendo, something hilarious happened. A group of baby Clydesdales appeared out of nowhere and stole the show. Of course, that was not his objective, but nothing ever goes as planned!

The foal did not appear to be trying to impress anyone; rather, he just located his mother among the horses and ran for her. As you can expect, mommy Clydesdale didn’t have time for her baby at the time, so the gorgeous foal walked about the arena, winning everyone’s heart.


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