Meet Bubba, A Friendly Pit Bull Who Loves Taking Care Of Little Kittens

Meet Bubba, A Friendly Pit Bull Who Loves Taking Care Of Little Kittens

Because most dogs despise cats, many pet owners believe that dogs and cats are natural adversaries. However, some dogs are so sociable that they are prepared to befriend practically every animal they come across.

Meet Bubba, a kind and attractive pit bull that enjoys taking care of kittens. Bubba is actually a very kind and friendly dog, despite the fact that many people still discriminate against his breed and assume he’s a menacing dog.

Bubba was rescued from a shelter in Phoenix, Arizona, by his mother, Rebecca Pizzello, when he was just three months old. Rebecca’s roommate, on the other hand, rescued a litter of kittens and cared for them until they were old enough to be adopted.

Bubba’s reply astonished Rebecca and her roommate. He made buddies with the entire litter instead of bothering the kittens. He became a big brother to care for and protect the kittens until they found forever homes since he was enamored with them.

“Since then, Bubba has been completely enamored with cats, to the point of obsession. Rebecca told The Dodo, “I always knew he’d want one of his own, but I wanted to wait until we relocated to New York City this year.”

Rebecca is aware that Bubba adores kittens, particularly little animals, and that he has always wished for his own. As a result, she sent adoption applications to a few rescue organizations. Brooklyn Animal Action informed her that a kitten was looking for a forever home after she had applied for a rescue cat for weeks.

Rebecca took the cat home right away and named her Rue. And, as Rebecca had predicted, Bubba couldn’t contain his joy when she and the cat arrived home. He fell in love with the new kitty right away, and Rue had taken to the pit bull as well.

Since that time, the two have formed an instant friendship and are now inseparable. They enjoy doing things together. They snuggle, play, and sleep together. Bubba looks after Rue as if he were her father. Rebecca is the world’s luckiest pet owner.

Watch the sweet pair’s relationship in the video below:

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