Abandoned Puppy Waits On The Street For Someone Help

Lika is a Thai animal lover who works and lives in Bangkok. She runs the Lika Loves Animals YouTube channel, which is dedicated to animal rescue films. She and a family member had the opportunity last year to rescue an abandoned dog from the street and give him a better life.

She’ll never forget the day she met and rescued the puppy. On that day, a member of her family was walking down the street when he came across a box with the words “please help” written on it. He came to check out because he didn’t know what it was and saw the white puppy inside the box.

He took the sick and filthy little puppy home right away. He and Lika scrubbed the dog’s body free of muck, filth, salt, and sand. She then filled his empty tummy with food and drink. He ate really quickly due of hunger.

The puppy needs a good night’s sleep after his dinner. Lika swiftly made him a warm and comfortable bed. She made the bed with a shoe box and a nice blanket. She even comforted the dog with caresses and snuggles before he fell asleep.

After everything that has occurred to him in the past, the sorrowful puppy now has a new owner and a loving home. God’s blessings! You are wonderful folks with large hearts. Thank you for saving and rehabilitating this tiny dog.

Watch the full rescue here:

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