Elderly is caught carrying a dog on his back so he won’t burn his paws

Carlos Alberto Lizcano Santos, a Facebook user, published a photo that went viral on the internet.

In the photo, an elderly man is strolling in the blazing heat, and the most astonishing thing about him is that he’s carrying his dog on his back so that his paws don’t burn on the hot asphalt.

Carlos was intrigued by the photo and inquired of the elderly man why he was carrying his dog in such a strange manner, to which he replied:

“Because the sidewalk is scorching his paws, and he can’t walk like that because his paws would burn.”

The shot was taken in Yucatán, Mexico, under the burning sun. The photo was shared over 200 thousand times .

Soon after the photo of the old man with his dog went viral on social media, it was revealed that he is from Valladolid. Then a group called “Amigos de Lucho” came along and fed him and his dog, as well as offering him assistance.

That old man truly loved his dog.

We hope that a lot of people will see this as an example in order that they avoid going out with their dog when it’s a robust sun. Congratulations to the present old man who is setting a gorgeous example of the way to take excellent care of your dog.

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