Man Brings Senior Homeless Dog To The Pet Store And Buys Him Everything He Touches

King is a 12-year-old companion dog who has had a more difficult existence than most canines, having spent much of it on the streets.

King’s front legs were amputated when he was hit by a car. He was given the surgery he required, and then a rescue organization called Marley’s Mutts stepped in to help locate the elderly sweetheart a forever home.

Months went by without anyone being ready and able to absorb the tragedy…

Until Rocky Kanaka, host of the show Pet’s Day Out, heard King’s story and decided that King deserved a special day.

On Rocky’s show, shelter dogs are taken out of the sanctuary for the day and showered with presents and affection. Rocky enjoys caring for these rare animals, and his ability to do so has affected viewers of his show.

The pets Rocky showcases on his broadcasts are exposed to a large audience, which usually results in a happy ending for the shelter animals: fostering!

When Rocky was considering what to do for King, he decided that he deserved a shopping spree–a large shopping spree.

Whatever the King touched, he would claim as his own. Rocky actually told the video cameras that the only merchandise that was out-of-bounds was a hamster! (As well as thank-you bonuses.)

King had a superb time. The first thing he touched was a gigantic bag of dog food– so he’s definitely still obtained his feeling of odor!

Rocky took the chow into the pet store’s toy section once he’d chosen it, and things got really fun!

With his tail wagging happily, King pulled out a Nerf gun, a plaything rope, a dinosaur, a rawhide bone, and a large round. He also chose a cat tree, which startled Rocky– but he was true to his word!

Best of all, a person contacted Rocky about accepting King as soon as King’s purchasing binge became known. His life had been full of difficulties, but suddenly everything was about to change! He’d be liked, protected, and made a lot of noise.

Rocky treated King to yet another shopping trip to celebrate!

Look into this second buying spree in the clip below, as well as see King satisfy his new mommy!

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